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The advancement of knowledge and remarkable contributions and discoveries in the field of Science and Technology have created an strong urge among young generation to have quality education in an enriched environment congenial to the present needs of our time. In response to the emerging challenges of the new generation of the 21st. century, Prime University came into being with prime mission to cherish and foster national development through creation of knowledge based society by imparting superior quality education , training and achieving higher level of satisfaction in all academic disciplines.

The academic programs of the Faculties of Engineering and Information Technology have been designed to provide the students a comprehensive academic background and knowledge on the fundamental and advanced aspects of computer science, information technology, electronics and semiconductor technology, telecommunication engineering and electrical engineering so that they can face the challenges of the new millennium and meet the needs of market for expertise in these areas. The Prime University offers the 2-Year Master in Computer Applications (MCA) Program. The course curricula consist of theoretical classes, laboratory sessions, project work and viva voce. The academic program of the 2-Year MCA Degree course consists of 6 semesters, each of 15-week duration and of 54 credits.

Because almost all businesses, industries, and organizations use computers at all levels, the field of computer science is one of the fast growing sectors of employment for college graduates. Computer scientists understand and use algorithmic sequences and computer language, such as Java, Java script, html, or C++, to create new programs and to solve problems found in almost every sector of society.

Students learn the theoretical foundations of information and computation and understand practical techniques for their implementation and application in order to create, describe, and transform information in computer systems. Computer science is different from computer engineering in that it focuses more on the theoretical understanding of computation and programing.

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